The Faroese have a rich singing and storytelling tradition passed down through generations, often centred around music and dance. These roots can be found in today’s vibrant music scene, which thrives with cultural events and festivals that showcase Faroese art and culture.


The music scene on the Faroe Islands is buzzing. Artists and creators across all genres are delivering world-class performances and recordings on the islands and abroad. Eivør, Teitur, and Týr are among the notable Faroese artists who have garnered recognition on the international stage. They undoubtedly stand out as shining examples of the island's musical excellence. Another illustration of the island’s musical prowess is that, with a population of only approximately 54,000, the Faroe Islands have managed to establish their very own symphony orchestra.

Faroe Music Export

FMX (Faroe Music Export) is Faroe Islands music export platform, founded in 2019. The government office works at an industry level to support the export of Faroese music. Developing initiatives and opportunities for Faroese music and it's international partners, both at home and abroad. To further project and connect Faroese music to the world, introducing a broad array of international companies, organisations and creatives, to Faroese partners and collaborators.


Eivør’s music is deeply influenced by her surroundings. Eivør grew in the Faroese village of Syðrugøta – nestled in a harsh landscape with the North Atlantic Ocean in her backyard. Not only has Eivør published ten studio albums, but she has numerous collaborations with recognised artists. She has delivered a mesmerising performance and theme song to the TV series Vikings. Eivør surely is the reigning queen of Nordic music and has numerous awards to support this claim.


Singer-songwriter Teitur has garnered acclaim with his sincere lyrics and catchy tunes across multiple genres. He was signed to Universal at a young age. However, he has made a home in the Faroe Islands where he has found the freedom to experiment and collaborate with various artists. He has won numerous awards and has toured globally since his debut release in 2003.


The Faroese Viking Metal band Týr has had a successful career in Europe. Since 1998, Týr has released music that can be described as a blend of powerful metal melodies and old Nordic folklore stories.

Furthermore, several other Faroese artists are currently making waves both locally and internationally.


The flower-punk and axe killer-pop band Aggrasoppar has a diverse repertoire and line up that ranges from harsh noise to soft country and crowd-pleasing raps. The Faroese band are notorious for their chaotic live performances where your only expectation should be to be surprised. Every Aggrasoppar performance is an exciting and unique experience.


Joe & the Shitboys is a hard-hitting Faroese punk group. Their performances are wild and full of energy, and they have been noticed by many, including Rolling Stone magazine and the musical legend Iggy Pop.


Elinborg’s music is about love, grief, and life, and is influenced by the Faroese nature and surroundings of where she grew up. Elinborg won an award for ‘Best Live Act of the Year’ at the Faroese Music Awards (FMA) in 2016 and has since then released multiple singles and albums.


The Faroese singer Jazzygold melts RnB and soul pop perfectly while being honest and real when she describes the complex life of a 20-something-year-old living her best life. Euronews describes her as Faroe Islands’ answer to SZA.




Magnificent, nostalgic, and slightly melancholic Faroese pop-rock group. Marius Ziska is a favourite among Faroese fans. This was confirmed in 2023, when Marius Ziska held three sold-out concerts at The Nordic House, featuring introspective lyrics and melodic compositions accompanied by the Faroese Symphony Orchestra.


The Faroese live music scene is thriving. Throughout the year, diverse live music events spanning all genres, take place in venues of varied scale.

The biggest venue is the Nordic House in Tórshavn, which offers high-quality performances from around the world. Another venue is the old factory building in the center of Tórshavn - Reinsaríið. Venturing beyond the capital, other noteworthy venues include Løkshøll in Runavík, the Cultural House in Fuglafjørður and Salt on the island Suðurroy.




Summer in the Faroe Islands is a celebration after a harsh winter. Vibrant music, vivid colours, and pure bliss, the season comes especially alive in the scenery of our numerous music festivals. Among these, the G! Festival stands out, drawing global attention to both music in the Faroe Island and Faroese music. Another notable Faroese festival is the Summer Festival, cherished for being a well-rounded and a community friendly festival. On a smaller scale of Faroese festivals there is the Country and Blues Festival, the unplugged festival HOYMA and the small folk music festival Summartónar. During the cold dark winter month of January, the Winter Jazz Festival is celebrated, offering a haven for jazz and music enthusiasts.


FMA takes place annually and celebrates Faroese music and those who create it. The event occurs at the prestigious Nordic House and is broadcast live on National Television (Kringvarp Føroya). Whether you are in the audience on location or seated at home, you can look forward to impressive live performances and the presentation of awards to winning artists. [mynd 3]


Music is deeply ingrained in the Faroese national identity and is a fundamental aspect of nearly every social gathering. When Faroese people gather, they enthusiastically embrace their rich musical heritage by listening, singing, and dancing to the captivating tunes.
Faroese music is undeniably influenced by the stunning surroundings of the islands. This connection with the environment adds a hint of enchantment to Faroese music, rendering it truly unique and mesmerising.



Our musical heritage is closely connected to the medieval dance ring which has developed into the unique folk dance known as føroyskur dansur where simple steps – one to the left and two  to the right – are accompanied with very long and repetitive ballads which often feature knights in battles.


The largest Faroese record company TUTL is founded by the musician Kristian Blak and is collectively owned by musicians and composers. They release music that emphasises total artistic freedom. Not only is Tutl a record label but has a music store in the heart of Tórshavn the capital, that is dedicated to Faroese music.


The Faroe Islands have a rich pool of active contemporary music composers. Sunleif Rasmussen is the most internationally acclaimed. Kristian Blak, Tróndur Bogason, Atli Petersen and Kári Bæk are all composers with regular commissions from local and international artists.

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