Wool Fashion
Wool Fashion
In recent years, several Faroese fashion brands have emerged and have started to make their mark on the international fashion scene. Most of them have one thing in common: knitting.

An ancient Faroese proverb says: “ Ull er Føroya gull”. Translated into English it means: ”Wool is Faroese Gold”. This proverb truly reflects the way of life in the Faroe Islands for centuries. Wool and especially knitted garments such as socks and sweaters were in the old days the main export and for many people it was the only existing currency, as they could trade knitted garments for salt, sugar, coffee and other necessities at the store.

Knitted clothing is therefore an integrated part of Faroese culture and today it plays an essential role in Faroese fashion.

The Knitting Club

Knitting seems to be all the rage in the Faroe Islands. It has always been more popular than elsewhere, undoubtedly because of the strong tradition linked to it.

Women are knitting everywhere. At home, in the workplace, on the bus. Even young girls, the busy business woman in stilettos. A very common sight in the schools around the country is girls knitting while attending lectures or during their lunch breaks and free periods.

This trend really shows that the tradition of knitting is still very much alive. But women knit for different reasons.

Some find it relaxing and therapeutic as the rhythm and the gentle clicking sound seems soothing and curative and others knit for more practical and perhaps political as they want to shed light on give recognition to the importance of women's traditional work.

The majority knits simply because they love it.