Wool Fashion
Wool Fashion
Faroese fashion has become increasingly popular locally and internationally. Knitting is a common denominator among the Faroese brands as well as the individual craftspeople.

The inspiration might lie in the old proverb which stated that “Wool is the Faroese gold” (Ull er Føroya gull). 

Faroese Wool

The impeccable Faroese wool originates from the Faroese sheep, which graze freely on the steep Faroese mountains. In the summer, skilled hands manually shear the sheep and collect both the soft underwool and the long-haired outer wool coat, which is rougher.

Next, the wool undergoes a spinning process that transforms it into yarn. Finally, the yarn is knitted into stunning clothing creations.

For All Weather

The special thing about Faroese wool clothing is its versatility, suitable for every season and weather. This adaptability is very convenient in the ever-changing Faroese weather.

Faroese wool is almost magically temperature-regulated – it is warm in the winter and breathable in the summer. Additionally, it is rainproof, even in pouring rain – Faroese wool truly is Faroese gold.

Yet, for decades, Faroese wool was discarded, as people were not interested in preserving it due to lack of market interest. However,  Faroese wool has regained its value among the Faroese.

Faroese Wool is Trending

After decades of not using Faroese wool, the wool became popular among the Faroese. People started using the precious Faroese wool in their knitting, as well as wearing designer clothing made from Faroese wool.

An increasing number of Faroese fashion brands emerged, and Faroese wool became increasingly popular locally and internationally.

Faroese Street Style

Faroese fashion brands are evident in the Faroese street style. It is worn with pride by people of all ages and walks of life, and for every occasion.

Many of the Faroese brands combine knitting and sewing into their designs, creating a unique blend of tradition, nature, and contemporary flair.

The National Clothes

The national clothes (føroysk klæði) originate from clothing designs from centuries ago and are often crafted from wool, silk, and silver.

This slow fashion has become a recognisable uniform for Faroese people who want to dress up and represent their country at the same time.

In the past few decades, creativity has blossomed among Faroese people, as they incorporate their own design elements into their versions of the national dress, while others take pride in wearing clothes that have been passed on to them from previous generations. 

Knitting Clubs

It is not just the fashion designers who knit; it is a part of everyday life in the Faroe Islands. The weekly knitting club is a common activity among Faroese women.

People knit everywhere, not just in social gatherings, but also at home, in the workplace, in school, and on the bus. The craft of knitting has always been the rave in the Faroe Islands. 

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