Creative Industries
Creative Industries
It is often said that nature is a teacher and an inspiration to artists and creative souls in the Faroe Islands and that creativity and the cultivation of deep-rooted tradition are characteristic traits of Faroese society.

A Creative and Cultural Economy

The Faroese are well connected to the rest of the world and constantly embrace new trends while learning at the same time each day how better to share their unique creativity and culture with the rest of the world.

Today the creative vibe is found everywhere in event centers and in creative hubs for art, crafts and design where musicians, fashion designers, writers, artists, and producers of handicrafts, make artefacts and goods for consumption that are both locally inspired and touching on themes and trends that are meaningful in a global context.

Within music, the Faroe Islands’ music scene is buzzing and artists and creators across all genres are delivering performances and recordings to a foreign audience.

In fashion and design Faroese brands have in recent years emerged and have started to make their mark on the international fashion scene. Most of them have one thing in common: knitting. The ancient Faroese proverb "Ull er Føroya Gull" - "Wool is the Faroese Gold" is still relevant in the sense that our fashion designers are steadily and increasingly gaining ground on the international markets.

In visual arts a lot has happened since the first Faroese painters painted the first landscape paintings, to show the beauty of their country, and demonstrate their love for the homeland.

Countless new themes and motives have entered into Faroese art since then, international styles have had their influence, and today an impressive number of artists work with pictorial art and new galleries and art venues pop up every year. Generally speaking a prevalent theme is the interplay between nature and art.

Promoting Faroese Arts

Faroe Music Export (FMX) promotes Faroese music in the international commercial marketplace.

FarLit is a publicly funded agency for the promotion of Faroese literature on the international book market.

Faroese Film Institute is responsible for providing advice and guidance for filmmakers, and marketing the Faroese film industry abroad, as well as promoting the Faroe Islands as a film location, which includes financial incentives for foreign film productions.

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