Innovative and Sustainable Tourism
Innovative and Sustainable Tourism
An important new player in the Faroese economy is the tourism industry.

In 2007, National Geographic Traveller carried out a survey among 111 island communities all over the world. In the survey, a panel of 522 well-travelled experts in sustainable tourism were asked to rank these islands. The survey rated the Faroe Islands top of the 111 destinations with the verdict: “Authentic, unspoiled, and likely to remain so.”

In 2012, the Faroese Government decided to reorganize the tourist board, Visit Faroe Islands, and increase its funding for marketing abroad.

Tourism has grown rapidly in recent years, making it an important new sector in the Faroese economy. This growth has been stimulated through inventive and award-winning marketing by Visit Faroe Islands, such as SheepView, Faroe Islands Translate, Closed for Maintance and Remote Tourism.

A steady increase in tourist numbers has also generated a more focused strategy so as to ensure a sustainable sector that is designed to both preserve, respect and take advantage of the distinctive natural environment and culture of the Faroe Islands.

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