International transport connections by air and sea are the lifeblood of the Faroe Islands.

Faroese companies service the major transport routes for both passengers and cargo, from the international airport at Vágar and the international passenger ferry terminal in the capital Tórshavn, as well as other harbours servicing international freight.

Atlantic Airways, the Faroese national carrier, provides daily air connections to Denmark and weekly connections between the Faroe Islands and all neighbouring countries. Atlantic Airways has regular routes to Copenhagen, Aalborg, Billund, Reykjavík, Bergen, Edinburgh and Paris. In the high season, there are also flights to Barcelona and Mallorca, and a seasonal autumn connection to New York.

SAS also has a regular service from Copenhagen. Widerøe seasonal flights from Bergen and Iceland Air seasonal connections from Keflavík.

The car and passenger ferry Norröna, operated by the Faroese company, Smyril Line, sails weekly from the Faroe Islands to Hanstholm in Denmark and to Seyðisfjørður in Iceland, also transporting cargo. Other companies service ocean cargo routes directly from the Faroe Islands to Rotterdam, Bremerhaven, Scrabster, Immingham, Reykjavik, Aarhus and Aalborg.

A World Class Telecommunications Network

An advanced telecommunications network in the Faroe Islands matches or exceeds in coverage and internet speed anything available in metropolitan areas across the world. High-speed internet connections extend across the entire country to even the most remote islands, and vessels have mobile coverage up to 70 nautical miles offshore.

85% of population connected by road

Of the 18 islands of the Faroe Islands, 17 are inhabited. An advanced network of roads, subsea and mountain tunnels connects 85% of the population in six of the central and northern islands.

All of the other islands are connected by ferries or by regular Atlantic Airways helicopter services.

Vága Floghavn - the Airport of the Faroe Islands
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Atlantic Airways - The National Airline of the Faroe Islands
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