Vága Floghavn - the Airport of the Faroe Islands
Vága Floghavn - the Airport of the Faroe Islands

Vága Floghavn (Vagar Airport - IATA: FAE) is the international airport of the Faroe Islands. Vágar Airport has regular and daily, weekly and seasonal flights to neighboring countries and 10 different direct flights and connections to destinations like Copenhagen, Billund, Reykjavík, Edinburgh, Bergen, Aalborg, Barcelona, Crete, Gran Canaria and Lisbon.

The airport was originally built by British Royal Engineers during World War II, when the Faroe Islands were occupied by the British Army. The British needed an airport in the North Atlantic and the site on the island of Vágar was chosen because of the surrounding mountains, which prevented German warships from spotting the location from the surrounding waters

After the war the airfield was abandoned and left unused until 1963 when it was reopened as a civilian airport. From 1963 to April 2007 Vágar Airport was administered by the Danish Civil Aviation Administration.

In May 2007 the government of the Faroe Islands took over ownership of the airport. Today Vágar Airport is run by the government-owned company Vágar Floghavn Ltd.

Vágar Airport has been substantially expanded over the last few years. The runway was extended from 1250 meters to 1799 meters in 2011, and in 2012, the runway was classified as a CAT 1 runway. New state of the art navigational instruments - RNP AR 0.1, ILS, LLZ, DME - were installed and this opened up the Faroese airport to a whole range of new, conventional aircraft types. In June 2014 a new modern terminal opened for business at Vágar Airport.

Vágar Airport is situated just outside the village of Sørvagur. A subsea tunnel between the island of Vágar Island and the main island of Streymoy provides an easy link between the airport and the capital of Tórshavn as well as a number of villages and settlements along the way. Regular public buses, shuttle and taxi services are available to and from the airport. The drive to Tórshavn takes an average of 40 minutes.

Flights to Faroe Islands
The national Faroese airline, Atlantic Airways, operates to and from the Faroe Islands on a daily basis - including regular flights to Copenhagen (dayly), Billund (weekly), Keflavík (weekly), Edinburgh (weekly), and Bergen (weekly). Atlantic Airways also serves flights to Aalborg (weekly) and Barcelona (weekly) during the summer season and also routes to destinations such as New York.

In 2019, a record-breaking 424,000 people used Vágar airport as their gateway to and from the Faroe Islands. The number of passengers has been steadily increasing over the past 5 years due to restructuring and prioritizing of the Faroese tourism-sector.

In March 2017, SAS joined the Faroese marked in 2017 flights from Copenhagen to the Faroe Islands. In 2021 Widerøe launched a route from Bergen and from 2023 Iceland Air will start flying from Keflavík to Faroe Islands.

More information regarding flights to Faroe Islands may be found on the website of Vagar Airport and the website of Visit Faroe Islands.