Religion plays an important role in the Faroese culture.

A majority of the Faroese population, approximately 85 percent, belong to the Faroese Evangelical Lutheran Church. The Faroe Islands is a diocese divided into 14 parishes with a total of 62 churches and 9 houses of prayer. There is a bishop, a dean and 21 ministers.

The Faroese Evangelical Lutheran Church has some organisations and associations attached to it, among them the Inner Mission, the Evangelical Mission, and the KFUK and KFUM, which correspond to the YWCA and YMCA.

There are several other religious communities in the Faroe Islands, the largest of which is the Plymouth Brethren, with approximately 13 percent of the total population belonging to them. Other religious communities are the Roman Catholic Church, the Salvation Army, the Pentecostal Movement, Seventh Day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Philadelphia congregation (a branch of the Pentecostal Movement) and the Bahá’í Faith.